About the Author

Patty N. Johnson
Patty Nicole Johnson


For nearly 10 years, I’ve written for brands of all sizes. Through content marketing, I told their stories and found compelling ways to satiate customers while alluring new ones to their product or service. From a young age, I’ve been a storyteller and while my ability to craft new worlds and exciting scenery has colored my work thus far, I’m ready for it to take center stage.

My debut novel
The Rhythm of Reveries is a love story to elements of my psyche that have laid dormant for years. It explores the concepts of pain and suffering, anxiety, and self care through the lens of one person’s journey. A science fiction tale at its core, the novel tours an advanced nation that resembles the epitome of technological acceptance at first glance, yet as we follow Makena, the sacrifices of this new way of life rise to the surface.

I’m a fan of science—real and fictionalized. It ignites a sense of wonder of what could be and a hope that we’ll live long enough for it to come to fruition. The blog is a way for me, and similar thinkers, to explore emerging concepts and theorize what’s to come through both nonfiction and fiction works. I’ll write literary and social science fiction through the lens of film, novels, short stories and more.