near future, provocative, aspirational

I write science fiction that’s often set in my hometown of Chicago. If you’re interested in what’s possible through scientific exploration and analysis, you’ll enjoy my stories.

June 19, 2865

At sunrise across the U.S., parents woke their daughters and sons for the millennial anniversary of Juneteenth. Read the full story in On the Seawall.  

Hologram the Vote

The sun crests the treetops on election day in Rogers Park. Duna stood faithfully inches from the door, waiting for the assured sound of the autobolt unlocking.

Flash Fiction: Print My Life

Hey girl! Hey! What’s the plan for tonight? Ugh, it’s so damn cold outside. I was thinking we could stay in. That’s fine with me. Should we stream a movie? Nah, I’m feeling crafty. How about a DIY night? I have my 3D printer stocked and ready to go.


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