Oscar Nominated Short Film The World of Tomorrow Gets Sequel

The World of Tomorrow is my favorite science fiction short film. Now, it’s getting a sequel!

When you have 15 minutes to spare, catch it on Netflix. The story follows a young girl Emily Prime as she’s visited by a third-generation clone of herself. The clone proceeds to tell her about her own future through relived memories. What you find is ethereal animated short that’s light-handed with prose yet profound in its overall message.

The World of Tomorrow is something you must experience on your own, with an open mind and no disruptions. It makes you ponder how the choices of the future will impact society and whether ia wealth of advancements can truly safeguard the human race.

The film, by Don Hertzfeldt, was nominated for an Oscar in 2016. With other great works in his repertoire, such as It’s a Beautiful Day, it’s clear the forthcoming sequel titled The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts will likely join the ranks of his esteemed films.