Flash Fiction: Print My Life

Hey girl!

Hey! What’s the plan for tonight?

Ugh, it’s so damn cold outside. I was
thinking we could stay in.

That’s fine with me. Should
we stream a movie?

Nah, I’m feeling crafty. How about
a DIY night? I have my 3D printer stocked
and ready to go.

Sounds like fun!

It will be. I just downloaded the latest software
update and it features a mystery function.

What’s that?

You complete a profile of your likes and dislikes
and using an algorithm, it prints something out
based on your preferences.

All users have been really amped about
what it produces. But they won’t say what it was.

That’s weird.

Yeah, a bit. Anyway, how far are you?

My autoride says we’re five minutes away.

Ok, I’ll warm up the printer.