Original Fiction: Underwater Communicado

Coma Communication TTS Request
Please translate the following letter to audio and play once daily until November 3, 2053.

Sophia Tirado
Senior Anthropologist
World Marine Center
San Juan, PR

Carolina Tirado
Senior Resident
Casa Puebla Health Home
Chicago, IL


Today, the silence ends. I make my first descent in one hour. Catfish, mackerel, sting ray—who will I speak to first? I’m so excited and nervous. I didn’t sleep more than a couple hours last night.

They say the adjustments made to my neural implant should seamlessly work with any aquatic species. But, honestly, I’m worried. What if I don’t pick up on their customs? What if they swim away in fear?

Bella says not to trust them. Pero hay dios mío, she doesn’t trust anyone. She bit Director Copeland after he made a joke about her real “doggie year age” at her birthday party last week. She swears it was over-excitement, but I don’t believe her.

Fifty-five minutes now. I know, breathe. Start slow. Assert myself, but hold back until they engage further.

I wish you were still active. We could do this together. But it’s good that you left when you did. The setbacks were becoming too much. Yet, it only took seven years after the mammal communication program went public, which is really amazing for a scientific achievement of this size.

Please, be proud. We’ve mastered marine-life communication!

I have to get ready now. I’ll tell you all about it next week when I visit in person.

Te amo,

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