HBO find: 9

I love rummaging around all the different entertainment providers to find great films and shows I may have missed when they first debuted. This was the case with 9, the epic fantasy tucked into HBO’s movie section.

This animated film premiered in 2009 and was celebrated for its steam punk visuals and imaginative world. It explores the common trope of man vs. the rise of machines.

I watched this with my husband who, like myself, was first drawn to the crisp animation work. But we soon learned the action dominating the first act would carry through to the end.

If you love adrenaline-inducing movies this film is right up your alley. My husband was on the edge of the seat. But I would have preferred more character development around the nine doll-like creations who are navigating a post apocalyptic world and trying to discover their true meaning.

Either way it was very enjoyable and had an ending neither of us saw coming.